IQRaisa is a chemical company specialzed in the development and manufacturing of epoxy systems mainly.  The company has been an innovative developer and solutions provider for more than 35 years.

The formulations are designed to suit the market requirements with excellence as a guide. The Eporai® adhesives, coatings, casting resins and mastics are widely used in the electrical-electronic, marine, civil engineering, tooling and composites.

The development of a new product is based on the company's R & D,  there is also a continuous cooperation with private Research Centres and Public Institutions.


- To develop products for all industrial and professional sectors with a high quality, innovative technology, with the utmost professionalism, respect and effectiveness


- Be the reference partner in the development of formulated epoxy in Spain through innovation, research and continuous improvement.


- Excellence. It is a journey, not an end. We never forget our reason for being. 

- Benefit to society. We aim to maintain stable and satisfying relationships with our clients for our work to the greatest benefit to society.



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